How to Rock Root a Shrub to Create More Plants

You can rock root roses, holly, magnolia, large and small leaf rhododendron and many other plants. Rock rooting is more accurately known as layering—and is simply covering a young stem by soil until it develops enough roots to survive on its own. A rock placed over the soil helps keep the branch buried.

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Create Texture in Your Garden with Wispy Plants


Garden designer Rebecca Sweet knows texture is a powerful tool in the garden. It creates an irresistible physical reaction among kids and adults alike. Fine textures are a favorite among gardeners because delicate and wispy foliage and flowers help create a soft and welcoming atmosphere.

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Do You Know Who Invented the Wheelbarrow & When?


As you use your wheelbarrow to haul dirt, mulch, debris to the burn pile, or what seems like miles of hose to connect to the spigot, you probably haven’t thought about the tool’s history. But there’s a rich history to this vital gardening tool that spans continents and millennia.

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Save the Bees! Best Plantings for Honeybees

If you’ve been gardening for a minute, you’ll know that the plight of the bees is always a lively topic. In her new book, Planting for Honeybees: The Growers Guide to Creating a Buzz, author Sarah Wyndham Lewis jokes, “They say if you have four beekeepers in the room, you’ll have six opinions on any given topic! I’ve never found this truer than in researching this book.”

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