Seasons of Color with ‘Honey Rose’

Jennifer Smith | July 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

‘Honey Rose’ foamy bells adds depth of color to the shade garden like no other plant with foliage that transitions from coral to sable and delicate white flowers in the summer. Gardeners will delight in the plant’s textural quality with …

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We Love Under the Sea ‘King Crab’ Coleus

If you are looking for foliage with a unique shape and form, look no farther than Under the Sea ‘King Crab’ coleus. A vigorous plant with ‘pinchers’ along its leaf edges, ‘King Crab’ adds a punch of interest to the …
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Herbs are easy to grow, not prone to garden pests or diseases, and make fantastic complements to the veggies you grow and meals you prepare. But maybe you’ve had trouble growing your own in the past? Or maybe it seems easier to buy herbs at the grocery store or market – truthfully, though, those fresh herb pots are rarely really fresh. If you’ve never grown your own herbs, or want to try again, this starter collection makes it easy – and affordable! With this kit you’ll learn how to grow, preserve, and use the most popular of the culinary herbs including basil, cilantro, garlic, and more.

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Watering the Summer Garden

Watering in the summer months can be time-consuming and expensive. We have a few tips to help ...

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How to Dry or Freeze Your Own Herbs

Check out this video from GrowOrganic.com with Patricia Boudier, Co-Owner of Peaceful ...