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How to Know When It’s Time for a Fresh Start in the Garden

fresh start

Making a fresh start or coming full circle? When my son, Leo, left for college, I restored my backyard pond. Suddenly, I had the time to focus on landscaping. More than that, replacing the 20-year-old pond was a not-so-subtle way of expressing that in some respects I was back to where I’d been before the birth of my only child. Maybe it was both a fresh start and coming full circle. 

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How to Use Bold Textured Plants for Outstanding Garden Design

Bold textured plants

If you’re looking for great transitional plants, bold textured plants carry the garden when flowering plants begin to die off for the season. A plant with heavily textured, bold foliage rivals the showiest of blooms. They grab your attention and beg to be the focal point of a garden bed. Garden designer Rebecca Sweet has these expert tips. 

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Why It’s Called Lyme Disease & How to Avoid It

lyme disease ticks

Lyme disease is a bacterial disease spread by deer ticks, which are most common  in the northeastern, mid-Atlantic, north-central, and Pacific Northwest sections of the United States. The disease is named after the town of Lyme, Conn., where cases were first diagnosed in 1975.

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How to Rock Root a Shrub to Create More Plants

You can rock root roses, holly, magnolia, large and small leaf rhododendron and many other plants. Rock rooting is more accurately known as layering—and is simply covering a young stem by soil until it develops enough roots to survive on its own. A rock placed over the soil helps keep the branch buried.

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Expert Lawn Care Advice: Let it Go Natural


Many Americans’ lawn care routines focus on creating manicured monoculture lawns. They follow rules written into community bylaws that say lawns must be kept mowed to a certain height, be free of weeds and in perfect order at all times. Letting our lawns go natural helps the pollinators so much more. 

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How to Create a Peaceful Garden in this Noisy World

peaceful garden wall with vine

Many a dream of a peaceful garden is thwarted by noise from a busy street wafting in. There are landscaping solutions that help reduce noise coming into ours yards and gardens. We can’t block all noise, of course, but we can reduce it. Hardscaping, strategically placed plants and other features are all part of the solution.

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