Save the Bees! Best Plantings for Honeybees

If you’ve been gardening for a minute, you’ll know that the plight of the bees is always a lively topic. In her new book, Planting for Honeybees: The Growers Guide to Creating a Buzz, author Sarah Wyndham Lewis jokes, “They say if you have four beekeepers in the room, you’ll have six opinions on any given topic! I’ve never found this truer than in researching this book.”

Her new book is filled with delightful illustrations along with easy-to-digest information we all need in order to be sure we’re planting wisely for the bees’ best interests. There are Top 10 lists for the best:
• Flowers
• Climbers
• Shrubs
• Trees

plant for honeybees

This delightfully illustrated book is packed with Top 10 lists for the right flowers, trees and shrubs to plant for the honeybees.

Some of the Top Things to Know When Planting for Honeybees

Ms. Wyndham Lewis has a section with 10 important things to know about planting for honeybees. Just three of the ten include:

1 Remember to choose plants for all four seasons
2 Do less mowing and leave the weeds (yes, there are useful-to-the-bees “weed” species!)
3 Think blue flowers—the way honeybees’ see, the best-colored flowers to grow are yellow, blue and green (avoid red as they honeybees see it as black)

planting for honeybees

Honeybees see blue, yellow and white flowers best. Avoid red flowers as they see these as black.

10 of the Best Flowers When Planting for Honeybees

1 Allium
2 Borage / Buglose
3 Coneflower
4 Cranesbill
5 Daisy
6 Heather
7 Helenium
8 Lavender
9 Sage / Salvia
10 Thistle

planting for honeybees

Beekeeper wearing a veil holding a beehive with a smoker for calming bees on the ground.

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