The American Meadow Garden

The American Meadow GardenIt may be just a few weeks ago that you put your lawn mower away for the winter. Imagine never firing it up again. A life without weekly mowing and watering can be a reality, and The American Meadow Garden can lead you to it. This book by ornamental grass guru John Greenlee covers the beauty and the practice (it’s not no-maintenance) of a lawnless yard.

Greenlee begins with a discussion of why you might want to replace your turfgrass lawn with a meadow of ornamental grasses and wildflowers. He discusses the issues to consider in each region of the United States and the plants that would be more appropriate in each. He includes many plant recommendations and descriptions, a section showcasing existing meadow gardens and a good chapter on the nuts and bolts of installing and maintaining your personal meadow. Saxon Holt’s superb photography illustrates all of Greenlee’s points quite well, and makes this a lovely book to just flip through in winter. The photos make summer seem just around the corner.

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