Gardening for a Lifetime

Gardening for a LifetimeThe turn of the year always brings the same response—where does the time go?Here’s a really good book that relates to that same question. In Gardening for a Lifetime, Sydney Eddison describes how the death of her husband and her own aging joints made it hard to maintain her large garden. She mixes in advice for fellow gardeners to follow. If you’re looking to simplify your gardening—whether you need to or simply want to, and whatever the reason —this book will inspire and inform you.

Eddison begins by describing how her garden came to be so large, and how she came to know she “had a problem.” Leaving it was not an option for her, so she had to find ways to adjust. That included adjusting her expectations of the garden, and its expectations of her. This is a lovely book to read. You’ll gain both practical advice and a good dose of hope, whatever your situation.

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