Sunflower Houses

SunflowerHousesIn many ways, Christmastime is for children, and so is the book Sunflower Houses. But just as adults can’t help but enjoy the magic of Christmas—and appreciate it better than kids—so too do grown-up gardeners fall in love with this classic book by Sharon Lovejoy. Yes, it’s a great aide for introducing young children to the joyful work of tending plants. It’s also simply a fun book to read, and a great one to help you embrace the nostalgic feelings winter so often brings about.

The book includes practical advice, such as the best plants for children to grow. Lovejoy doesn’t just recommend plants because they grow quickly and easily (though that is one consideration); she also lists plants and flowers that have imaginative appeal. For instance, she points out the diamond at the center of lady’s mantle leaves must have been left by fairies. The book also covers garden games and includes flower stories. Poems and sayings and the author’s own illustrations round out the pages.

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  1. I have this delightful book and love the ideas it has for getting kids of all ages involved in gardening activities. I especially love the sunflower tepee idea. It’s easy to implement and our kids loved it.

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