Low-Maintenance Perennials

Here are a few of our very favorite low-maintenance perennials to recommend.

Spring bloomers
Prairie pasqueflower—an incredibly hardy early bloomer

Siskiyou lewisia—a great rock garden or wall plant

False indigo—an adaptable, care-free native

Canada columbine—prolific delicate red lanterns on airy stems

Summer bloomers
Butterfly weed—a native perennial that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Hummingbird trumpet—a Western native that’s very drought tolerant

Goat’s rue—a drought-tolerant Eastern plant with unique flowers

White gaura—tall, narrow, airy plant that’s great backlit or in a breezy site

Late summer and/or fall bloomers
Wrinkleleaf goldenrod—a native perennial with a long bloom time

Cardinal flower—a hummingbird magnet that tolerates wet sites

Tall sedums

‘Herbstonne’ rudbeckia—a very tall and floriferous coneflower

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3 thoughts on “Low-Maintenance Perennials

  1. I wish you would have included the botanical names of the plants — commom names are confusing — many plants have more than one and make it harder to identify the specific plant.

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