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Plants We Love: Tuberous Begonia

Plants bloom until first frost.
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Plant name:
Tuberous Begonia

Botanical name:
Begonia tuberosa Non Stop Mix

Suggested by:
Tom Sharples, Suttons Seeds

Flowers from late June from an early sowing. Plants will continue to bloom until the first frosts, when the plant can be lifted and the tubers dried for replanting the following year.

Large, double, many colors.

Attractive dark green leaves. There is a form with chocolate-colored foliage.

Compact and bushy to 12 inches.

Summer to frost.

Annual blue lobelia.

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“Sunflowers! So tall—over 8 feet—and just so happy-looking. It's my first time trying them and I can't get over how fast they grew & bloomed. No fussing over them either, just stand back!”


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