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Starlet Plectranthus Blooms in Novel Pink

'Starlet' plectranthus blooms in a vivid pink color that makes it unique among its kind. It holds its spikes of tubular flowers upright above a mound of purple-backed foliage. It works great as a container plant, to add color at the front of the border in late summer or even as a houseplant.


Common name: Velvet 'Starlet' plectranthus

Botanical name: Plectranthus 'Starlet'

Exposure: Part shade to full shade

Flowers: 'Starlet' plectranthus blooms from late summer to the first frost, with spikes of dense tubular flowers with shades of hot pink, rose and violet.

Foliage: The oval leaves are green with a purple underside that complements the flowers' color.

Habit: Upright and mounded to 14 inches tall and wide, with the flowers adding a few more inches in height when they appear.

Origin: Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries in 2022.

How to grow it: Plectranthus is a fast-growing tender perennial that's often treated as an annual in the garden. It can also be kept as a houseplant. Provide it with part to full shade and protection from hot midday sun. Provide rich soil and regular water in times of drought. Winter hardy in USDA Zone 9 and warmer.

Image courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.