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Plants We Love: Snowdrops

The simple white flowers of these bulbs remind winter-weary gardeners of the promise of spring.
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Plant name: Snowdrops

Botanical name: Galanthus

Type of plant: Hardy bulb.

Blooms in midwinter to early spring (depending on climate).

Foliage: Strap-shaped bright green to grayish green leaves.

Flower: Held singly on tall stems. Usually bell-shaped and drooping. Outer petals are usually pure white; inner petals are white marked with bright green.

Season: Midwinter to early spring.

Origin: Western Europe to Middle East.

Plant in early fall. Needs plentiful water during growth in winter and spring. Tolerates some dryness in summer.Mulch annually with leaf mold or compost to feed. Divide immediately after flowering. Has no real problems. USDA Zones 3–9.

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Image credit: Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder