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Plants We Love: Fanfare Blanket Flower

Fanfare blanket flower is not for the subdued garden. This is a powerhouse of color and drama. It’s perfect for the garden that contains every color or for a monochromatic palette that calls for a punch of color here and there. It’s rather easy to care for and it is attractive to pollinators.

Fanfare photo from

Fanfare photo from

Botanical name:Gaillardia x ‘Fanfare’
Common name: Fanfare Blanket Flower
Bloom color: Red accentuated with orange and yellow
Bloom season: Summer through fall
Height: 12 inches
Width: 18 inches
Habit: Mounding
Sun requirements: Full sun
USDA Hardiness Zones: 3–10

This is the trifecta of plants: water wise, resistant to deer and attractive to butterflies! As with most new plants, water it well the first year, allowing it to get established in the garden (read: develop deep roots). We like to cut back spent flowers and old foliage for a tidier-looking plant.