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Plant This Daffodil for Its Large Flowers

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Virtues: ‘Flower Record’ daffodil offers large flowers with white petals surrounding a big, ruffled golden cup.

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Common name: ‘Flower Record’ daffodil

Botanical name:Narcissus ‘Flower Record’

Exposure: Full to part sun

Season: Mid- to late spring, for flowers

Flowers: Crisp, clean white petals surround a large golden-yellow cup with a ruffled orange-red rim. The flowers appear on 14- to 16-inch-tall stems in mid- to late spring and offer a slight fragrance.

How to grow ‘Flower Record’ daffodil: Plant the bulbs in the fall in full or partial sun. After the spring bloom, allow the foliage to grow until it dies back naturally, then clear it away. Daffodils can be divided in early summer as the leaves fade. USDA Zones 3–8.

Image credit: Neelix/Public Domain