Dracaena Makes an Easy Houseplant Anywhere

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Over time most kinds of dracaena will develop a trunk leading up to their swirling foliage.

Virtues: Dracaena plants are easy-to-please tropicals that take a variety of indoor growing conditions. They tend to change shape as they mature, which keeps them interesting and adds to their versatility in design.

Common name: Dracaena, dragon tree, corn plant

Botanical name:Dracaena species

Exposure: Full sun to low light, though more light will prompt the brightest foliage and sturdiest, quickest growth.

Foliage: These plants have strappy leaves, sometimes striped in different shades of green, gold and white.

Habit: Many varieties start out as a small, mounding rosette of leaves, then gain in height and form a trunk.

Origins: Various species are native to semi-arid deserts or the floor of tropical rain forests in Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia and northern Australia.

How to grow it: Place your dracaena in bright light for optimum growth, though they do fine with less light if necessary. Provide regular water, allowing the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. These tropical plants like humidity, which you can increase by clumping several potted plants together and/or standing them on tray of moist gravel.

Image credit: ProFlowers, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.com