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Plants We Love: Cobra Lily

Giant three-lobed leaves and a purple-and-white spathe make this cobra lily a very dramatic addition to the garden.
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Plant name: Cobra Lily, Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Botanical name:Arisaema fargesii

Virtues: Very large bright green leaves offer a tropical look. The unusual spathe (a hood-like modified leaf) has striking markings.

Foliage: Three large textured green leaflets to 15 inches in length top a stem up to 36 inches tall.

Flower: The actual flower is insignificant, but a large purple-and-white spathe—a sort of modified leaf—adds color and interest. Looks like a cobra head.

Season: Spring and summer

Origin: China

Cultivation: Grows from a tuber. Foliage dies back in fall and plant remains dormant over winter. Easy to grow. Likes moist conditions and partial shade. USDA Zones 5–9.

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