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Grow Bellissimo Oregano for Autumn Color in the Garden

A strictly ornamental oregano, 'Bellissimo' is grown for its late summer and autumn flowers, which bring vibrant color to pots, rock gardens and the edges of garden beds. Its trailing stems make it a perfect choice for hanging baskets, and its high tolerance for heat and drought mean that it's easy to maintain.


Common name: 'Bellissimo' ornamental oregano

Botanical name: Origanum hybrida ‘Bellissimo’

Exposure: Full sun

Flowers: This flowering oregano blooms from midsummer through autumn, with down-hanging flowers layered with bright pink and lime green bracts.

Foliage: Small, rounded, silvery green leaves line the stems. These are not edible.

Habit: Mat forming, to 8 inches tall and 24 inches wide. When grown in a container, it will trail over the sides.

Origin: 'Bellissimo' was bred in Australia and introduced to the US market in 2022 by Plants Nouveau

How to grow it: Provide full sun and average soil with good drainage. Water regularly until the plant is established. Thereafter, it is drought tolerant. Although perennial, this plant requires excellent drainage over the winter if it is expected to come back. It can also be treated as an annual. USDA Zones 6–9.

Image courtesy of Plants Nouveau