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We Love ‘Tiny Tortuga’ Turtlehead

Damp spots in the garden, perhaps by a stream or pond or in a well-watered container, are the perfect places to include the resilient perennial ‘Tiny Tortuga’. This dwarf turtlehead is an offspring of the more widely known variety ‘Hot Lips’. We love that ‘Tiny Tortuga’ offers glossy green leaves throughout the season and deep pink flowers in the late summer and into autumn.

Turtle Head Horticulture

Common name: 'Tiny Tortuga' turtlehead
Botanical name:Chelone obliqua
Leaves: 3–5 inches long, deep green, serrated.
Flowers: Dark pink, snapdragon-like flowers in the later summer and early autumn are 1–1.5 inches long.
Size: 14–16 inches tall and wide
USDA Zones: 3–8

Grow ‘Tiny Tortuga’ in full sun to partial shade in consistently moist soil that is rich in nutrients. Pest free and often left untouched by deer, this plant is easy to maintain. It spreads slowly, so as not to become a nuisance in the garden. ‘Tiny Tortuga’ also does well in the container garden.