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We Love ‘Tiki Torch’ Elephant Ears

Caladiums have been a long-time favorite of gardeners. Over the years, an increasing variety of color combinations and patterns have kept this plant well rooted in garden design. Experienced gardeners know the design benefits of foliage plants. We love ‘Tiki Torch’ and its scarlet red coloring with a broad chartreuse margin. It looks great in the garden and, with its branching habit, even better in containers and hanging baskets.


Botanical name: Caladium x hortulanum ‘Tiki Torch’
Foliage: Scarlet-red leaves rimmed with a broad chartreuse margin
Light: Sun or shade
Moisture: Moderate
Plant type: Bulb

To grow ‘Tiki Torch’, plant it in well draining soil after the last frost of spring, or when the soil temperature is above 65 degrees. This plant can be used as an annual or wintered indoors as dormant bulbs.