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We Love Bounce Pink Flame Impatiens

We love that this impatiens is completely resistant to downy mildew! Bounce Pink Flame is a vigorous annual with countless pink bi-color blossoms on a sturdy, mounding plant. This impatiens is not restricted to the shade; it does well in the sun, too. If the heat of the sun does bring it down a bit, simply water it. It will (you guessed it!) bounce right back!


Common name: Bounce Pink impatiens
Botanical name:Impatien Bounce Pink Flame (‘Balboufink’)
Habit: Mounding
Height: 10–24 inches
Spacing: 16–18 inches apart
Blooms: Pink
Bloom time: Late spring until frost

For best results plant this impatiens in the sun or shade in well-draining, evenly moist soil. Should the garden get a bit dry and the impatiens start to wilt, simply water it and it will bounce back. While it is downy mildew resistant, it is not deer resistant, so protect with fencing or deer repellents.

Photo courtesy fo All-America Selections