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Silver Mist Juniper, an Evergreen Groundcover for Dry Soil

Virtues: Silver Mist juniper brings year-round color to the front of the garden or a foundation planting with its blue-tinged evergreen needles. This deer-resistant shrub makes a good ground cover or edging and it looks great spilling over a wall.

silver mist juniper

Common name: Silver Mist shore juniper

Botanical name:Juniperus conferta ‘Silver Mist’ or ’Shiro Toshio’

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Year-round, for foliage

Foliage: Short, pointed needle cover the stems. ‘Silver Mist’ is noted for its silvery blue tinge, while other cultivars remain a moderate green.

Habit: This low, spreading evergreen shrub grows to about 16 to 24 inches tall and 10 feet wide.

Origins: Silver Mist is a cultivar of Juniperus conferta, which is native to the coasts of Japan.

How to grow Silver Mist juniper: Site in full sun and well-drained average to poor soil. Shore juniper prefers sandy soils and will not tolerate wet or constantly moist conditions. USDA Zones 6–9.

Image credit: tc397/iStock/Getty Images