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Sedum Pure Joy Is a Perfect Edging Plant

Virtues: Sedum Pure Joy is a drought-tolerant perennial that makes a perfect edging alongside the flower garden, rock garden or in a large mixed container. It offers the handsome, succulent foliage and puffy late-summer flowers we expect from tall sedums like ‘Autumn Joy’ and ‘Matrona’, but with a much shorter stature.

sedum pure joy

Common name:’Pure Joy’ sedum, ‘Pure Joy’ stonecrop

Botanical name:Hylotelephium ‘Pure Joy’

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Spring to fall for foliage, late summer into early fall for flowers

Flowers: Tiny pale pink star-shape flowers open on Sedum Pure Joy in late summer, lasting into autumn. Though the flowers are little, they appearing large clusters and fully cover the plant. The flowers darken as they dry and remain interesting in the fall.

Foliage: Narrow, toothed leaves line the upright to spreading stems. Their blue-green color and their texture provide interest when Sedum Pure Joy is not in bloom.

sedum pure joy

Habit: This is a ground cover with a cushion-like shape, growing 10 to 12 inches tall and 16 to 20 inches wide.

Origins: Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens bred Hylotelephium ‘Pure Joy’. The plant was introduced to the market by Proven Winners and Walters Gardens in 2011. Although

How to grow Sedum Pure Joy: Site in full sun and average soil with good drainage. It does not require fertilizer (which indeed will spur fast growth and ruin its compact shape) and in fact thrives in thin soil. Once established, this plant tolerates drought. Remove the prior year’s dead growth in early spring to make way for the new growth. This perennial can be divided in spring. USDA Zones 3–9.

Images courtesy of Walters Gardens