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Satin & Lace ‘Red Chiffon’ Coreopsis

Sunny Border Nurseries introduced a new plant to its Satin & Lace series, ‘Red Chiffon’, and it is a true winner. ‘Red Chiffon’ has lemon-yellow flowers with burgundy centers—a stunning contrast that livens up any garden. The Satin & Lace series offers sterile hybrids of native tickseeds, resulting in continuous blooms from June to early fall.

Red Chiffon Horticulture

Common name: ‘Red Chiffon’ tickseed
Botanical name:Coreopsis x ‘Red Chiffon’ Satin & Lace
Flowers: Yellow with red centers
Foliage: Green, lush, needle-like
Height: 18 inches
USDA Zones: 4–9

Native to the United States, coreopsis is perfectly adapted to hot summers and snowy winters. Install this new introduction in a sunny spot that drains well and is high in organic matter. This plant is extremely disease resistant.

Photo courtesy of Sunny Border Nurseries.