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Rhododendron X 'Conlea'

Autumn Rouge™ is one of 23 varieties of Encore Azalea®, with each variety delivering differing growth habits and bloom colors. Autumn Rouge™ was the first seedling to bloom from the thousands of azalea seedlings derived from numerous controlled crosses...
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Plant name:Rhododendron X 'Conlea'

Virtues: Autumn Rouge is a multi-seasonal blooming evergreen azalea.

Bloom color: Deep red-pink with semi-double blooms.

Leaf/Foliage: Dark green foliage.

Goes great with: Can be planted as a hedge or as an individual plant. Blends in well with other spring blooming plants. Autumn Rouge adds color in the late summer and fall around patios and other outdoor activity areas, and its beautiful dark green foliage persists throughout the year.

Habit: Upright mounding growth habit, growing to four feet high and four and a half feet wide in four to six years. Easy to shape and maintain at desired height and width.

Season: Spring blooms begin in April. Additional blooming begins in July or August and continues in varying stages of bloom until the first frost.

Suggested by: Buddy Lee of Flowerwood Nurseries (

Where does it come from: Autumn Rouge