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Pothos: an Easy Houseplant That Gives You Options

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a houseplant that’s difficult to kill, a fact that has possibly contributed to the perception that it’s a little blah and cliche. Also known as devil’s ivy, this leafy, trailing plant can be seen gracing public interiors such as bank lobbies and shopping malls. That’s because it tolerates low light or high light as well as lapses in watering.


Pothos doesn’t require feeding or pruning, although it can be easily trained to climb a support. Pothos also bounces back from periods of neglect; if it wilts, give it a good watering and it will likely right itself within an hour or so.

Despite its pedestrian reputation, pothos can be a beautiful and exciting addition to your living space. There are many varieties available with different variegation to their leaves. Some favorites include:

‘Marble Queen’ — green speckles on a creamy white background

‘Golden’ — mid-green leaves streaked and splashed with bright yellow

golden pothos

‘Pearls and Jade’ — the leaves have a roughly even amount of white and dusky green

‘Jade’ — solid, deep green leaves that may show a splash of cream here and there

Try mixing a few varieties of pothos in a display together, or choose one striking plant to site as a singular accent. Because they’re so adaptable, these plants can be rearranged, giving you the opportunity to experiment with their placement within your interior decor. They’re easy to propagate, too, by simply cutting a trailing stem and suspending it in water until roots form.