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Pinching is the Key to Maximizing Blueberry Harvests

Your new blueberry shrubs have ample room to grow, are settled into acidic soil and are bathed in sunlight, yet they are not producing the berries you anticipated. What went wrong? Unlike edibles that are planted and harvested in one season, blueberry bushes require more time to establish before producing a strong harvest. To grow a high-yield blueberry shrub, pinch the blossoms the first two years. Pinching the blooms gives the plant time to establish itself and mature. 

Blueberry flower

Six more helpful tips for great berry production
1. Blueberry bushes have shallow root systems. Therefore, weeding by hand is preferred over using tools.
2. Deep watering, especially in dry periods when the plant is young or when it is putting on its first flush of berries, is recommended.
3. Each spring, and as needed, remove any diseased or dead wood.
4. The second and subsequent years, remove a few older canes to open up the plant, allowing for better air circulation and light penetration.
5. Remove lower branches that may become heavy with fruit and touch the ground.
6. Remove suckers from the base of the plant.