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Painted Daisies Burst With Colorful Blooms

Virtues: We love painted daisies for their vibrant bursts of color in stunning hues ranging from pure whites and pinks to lively yellows, purples and crimson reds, with fern-like, deep green foliage that offers a striking contrast against the alluring blooms.

painted daisy tanacetum coccineum

Common name: Painted daisy

Botanical name:Tanacetum coccineum

Flowers: In summer, these charming flowers bloom in an array of radiant colors ranging from whites, pinks, purples, yellows and reds, on top of long, slender stems. An abundance of spritely, spiked petals emerge from a bright yellow center.

Foliage: Tiny groupings of rich green leaves offer a captivating backdrop to the brilliant flowers.

Habit: Painted daisies are herbaceous perennials with an upright habit, with most varieties ranging from 2 to 3 feet tall with a 12 to 18 inch spread.

Origin: Southwestern Asia; Caucasus

How to grow Tanacetum coccineum: These eye-catching perennials thrive when grown in full sun to part shade in most well-drained soils. Cut back after first bloom to encourage new flowers to emerge. Winter hardiness depends on variety, but falls in the USDA Zones 3–8 range.

Image: Kenpei
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