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'Kaveri' Lily Dazzles With Flower Color and Number

Virtues: We love the newly introduced lily named 'Kaveri' for its vivid orange and yellow color, early bloom time, stem height and the sheer number of its blossoms. 'Kaveri' lily is a kind of brand-new lily called an "OA" lily—one that resulted from crosses between Asiatic lilies and Oriental lilies. It combines the bright colors, multiple flower buds and early bloom of Asiatic lilies with the fragrance, vigor and taller height of Oriental lilies. It is also a good cut flower.

kaveri lily

Common name: 'Kaveri' lily

Botanical name:Lilium 'Kaveri'

Flowers: In early summer, each stem of the 'Kaveri' lily produces 6 to 8 flower buds that open into large, upward-facing blooms of gold, orange and red.

Foliage: Long, narrow, glossy dark green leaves line the stems of 'Kaveri' lily.

Habit: This OA hybrid lily grows to 40 inches tall.

Season: Early summer, for flowers.

Origin: Developed by crossing varieties of Asiatic and Oriental lilies. Brought to the US market in 2015 by Longfield Gardens.

How to grow 'Kaveri' lily: Plant 'Kaveri' lily bulbs 6 inches deep and 8 inches apart in spring. Site in full sun and well-drained, fertile soil. USDA Zones 4–9.

Image courtesy of Longfield Gardens.