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‘Happy Wilma’ Adds Color to the Garden

We love ‘Happy Wilma’ canna for its peachy/orange flowers. The leaves of this canna are also striking, emerging with a peach overlay and then maturing to maroon over green color.


Foliage: Broad, firm leaves are thick and upright. Canna leaves range from green, variegated to bronze. ‘Happy Wilma’ has bronze-colored leaves.
Blooms: Peachy/orange blooms last from May through October for a season-long show.
Height: 30 inches
Zone: 7b-11
Winter Care: When planted in cooler zones, remove spent foliage and store canna tubers in a dry, cool, dark area until spring planting.

‘Happy Wilma’ is an anchor plant—perfect to use as a colorful backdrop and lends a strong, vertical design element to the garden. Prized for its foliage as well as its flowers, this canna is a strong presence in the garden from spring until frost. To grow ‘Happy Wilma’, select a well-drained, sunny spot in the garden. This canna is self-cleaning but it may require deadheading to encourage continuous bloom. ‘Happy Wilma’ is a also resistant to disease and pests.

Photo courtesy of Prairie Star