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Guinevere Dwarf Crabapple Fits Small Gardens

Virtues:  The dwarf crabapple tree named Guinevere is the solution for gardeners who have limited growing space but want the year-round presence of a woody plant and an ornamental tree's special effects in certain seasons. This tiny crabapple provides gorgeous spring flowers plus nice fall foliage and fruit.

guinevere dwarf crabapple

Common name: Guinevere dwarf crabapple

Botanical name:Malus 'Guinzam'

Flowers: In spring, fragrant flowers in a mix of mauve and white appear. Both colors show at the same time, giving the display a two-tone effect that makes it fun to mix and match with early-blooming perennials, flower bulbs and annuals. Fruit appears in fall, though it may be sparse.

Foliage: Dark green leaves emerge after the flowers. These have a purplish cast to them that turns to orange shades in fall.

Habit: This truly dwarf crabapple grows just 6 to 8 feet tall with a 12- to 15-foot spread. Guinevere crabapple's rounded shape may remind you of a Japanese maple.

Season: Spring for flowers, plus fall for foliage color.

Origin: Introduced in 2015 by Upshoot, LLC.

How to grow Guinevere crabapple: Grow this dwarf crabapple as you would any crab, in full sun with moderate water and good drainage. Pruning should not be necessary given its naturally compact size. USDA Zones 4–8.

Image courtesy of Upshoot LLC.
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