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Grow Award-Winning Roxanne Radish This Year

Virtues: We love 'Roxanne' radish for its red skin and bright white interior. While some radishes can develop red streaking inside, 'Roxanne' radish remains pure white, making its slices a beautiful addition to the plate. This radish also stands apart because it does not become woody in texture if allowed to grow to a larger size, a problem for other varieties. 'Roxanne' radish is a quick crop, producing harvestable roots in under 30 days from sowing seed. 'Roxanne' radish is an All-America Selections award winner for 2015.

roxanne radish

Common name: 'Roxanne' radish

Botanical name:Raphanus sativus 'Roxanne' F1

Foliage: Bright green leaves grow upright to 10 inches or shorter.

Root: 'Roxanne' radishes are up to 1.5 inches around when mature. The skin is bright red and the flesh is white.

Season: Spring and fall in most climates; through winter in mild climates or with protection.

How to grow 'Roxanne' radish: Sow seed in full sun to part shade, about four to six weeks before your expected last frost for a spring crop, or in late summer to early autumn for a fall crop. Radishes need a loose soil and regular, moderate moisture. Seeds should be buried a half an inch deep. If radishes are grown in rows, space the rows three inches apart. Radish seeds can be tucked here and there throughout a garden, however, rather than kept in rows.

Extend your radish season by staggering several sowings of 'Roxanne' radish seeds; that is, sowing more seeds as soon as the first batch has developed several leaves. 'Roxanne' radish is more tolerant of heat than other varieties, so you may be able to grow crops into the summer. It will also produce well in a pot that is at least four inches deep. 'Roxanne' radish is generally mature 27 days from sowing. Start checking for readiness about three weeks after planting; just pull back the soil and feel the size of the radish root, or pull one up and taste it. The greens can be eaten, too.

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Image courtesy All-America Selections.

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