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Feed the Bees With Beedance Bidens Nonstop Flowers

Virtues: Draw bees and butterflies to your garden with ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens, which blooms spring through fall. Heat doesn’t stop these flowers, but it does have an effect on them. 

beedance painted red bidens

Common name: ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens

Botanical name:Bidens ferulifolia ‘Beedance Painted Red’

Flowers: ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidders bursts with honey-scented daisy-type flowers held above the foliage. The outer portion of the petals is red, while the flower’s eye and the base of the petals are yellow. The flowers may be more completely red when they first open or in cooler temperatures. Heat makes the flowers turn more obviously bicolor. True to name, ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens attracts pollinating bees as well as butterflies. This bidens does not set seed, which makes it so long-flowering. However, it does produce pollen, which is why it’s still a helpful plant for beneficial insects.

Foliage: Green.

Habit: This bidens grows to 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide with a mounding, spreading habit.

Season: Summer through fall to the first frost, for flowers.

Exposure: Full sun.

How to grow ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens: Place this bidens in full sun, in containers or window boxes, where it looks best. It can also be planted in the garden at the front of the border. ‘Beedance Painted Red’ bidens is highly tolerant of heat, and it can withstand dry periods although it does best with consistent watering that keeps the soil slightly moist. Feed with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer for best performance. Annual.

Image courtesy of Suntory