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Ascot Rainbow: A Colorful Perennial Euphorbia

Virtues: We love 'Ascot Rainbow' spurges for their striking, sage and lime green foliage that turn stunning shades of pink, red and orange during the colder months. These perennials also have vibrant green flowers with radiant red centers.


Common name: 'Ascot Rainbow' spurge

Botanical name:Euphorbia martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’

Flowers: A beaming blend of cream and lime colored flowers (bracts) with deep red centers bloom in clusters during spring through summer.

Foliage: 'Ascot Rainbow' spurges have narrow, deep green leaves with dazzling golden borders throughout the warmer seasons that flush into vivacious shades of reds, pinks and oranges during the colder months of fall and winter.

Habit: These compact perennials grow to around 20 inches in height with a similar spread.

Season: 'Ascot Rainbow' spurges look alluring through every season, truly living up to their name with their variant, spectacular colors.

Origin: Originally from Australia.

How to grow Euphorbia martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’: These drought, deer and rabbit tolerant perennials can grow in most soils but do best when it is well drained. Ascot Rainbow Spurges prefer full sun to part shade, and are great plants for container gardening. They are most successful in USDA Zones 5–9.

Image courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
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