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Agave ellemetiana: a Spineless Agave for Dry Gardens

Virtues: We love Agave ellemetiana for the lush, waxy, green leaves that arch away from each other, creating a display of bold color and eye-catching form.

agave ellemetiana

Common name: Ellemetiana agave

Botanical name:Agave ellemetiana

Flowers:Agave ellemetiana is grown for its beautiful foliage.

Foliage: Long, glossy, bright green leaves emerge from the center of the plant then curve away from one another. Unlike some other agave species, these leaves do not have sharp spines.

Habit: Rosette shape can reach two feet tall and three feet wide.

Season: Year-round.

Origin: First cultivated by Rancho Tissue Technologies in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

How to grow Agave ellemetiana: These stunning succulents are must successful in full sun—and in part shade when grown in warmer climates. They can easily be grown in containers and overwintered inside where they aren’t hardy. Drought tolerant. USDA Zones 7–8.
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