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A Plant to Love: Pink Pig Crepemyrtle

This mid-size crapemyrtle has a lovely pink bloom that is set off by its luscious green foliage. Bred to be disease and mildew resistant, this new introduction by famed plant breeder Dr. Michael Dirr is delighting gardeners. Its smaller stature makes it quite flexible in the landscape. We love it as a bold statement plant, taking center-stage in the garden, or used as a backdrop to a garden. Like other crapemyrtles, the flowers are not the only selling point; the bark of these plants is also attractive, lending it extended seasonal interest.

Pink Pig Mid Size Crapemyrtle

Common name: Pink Pig crepemyrtle
Botanical name:Laderstromemia x ‘GAMAD VIII’
Height: 6–10 feet
Width: 5 feet
USDA Zones: 6–9
Habit: upright
Blooms: Pale pink
Bloom time: June–September on new growth
Sun requirements: Full sun

Pink Pig crepemyrtle prefers a sunny spot in well-draining, rich soil that is moist but not overly wet. This is an early-blooming variety; it is easy to extend the blooming period by regularly deadheading the spent blooms.

Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Confidence