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A Plant to Love: ‘Glamour’ Euphorbia

We love to incorporate euphorbia into the traditional garden, our container gardens, within a rock garden or even in large swaths. Often overlooked, once you’ve tried it you won’t want to garden without it. The delicate nature of the plant belies its tough nature—a welcome characteristic for busy gardeners. Its light, airy look balances heavier plants, making it an excellent selection for contrast and for building drama in the garden.


Botanical name: Euphorbia graminea ‘Glamour’
Common name: ‘Glamour’ euphorbia
Flowers: White
Bloom Season: Spring to late summer
Exposure: Sun
Foliage: Dark green
Height: 15–24 inches
Width: 15–20 inches
Habit: Mounded
Type: Annual

This plant performs best in full sun. It is a tough little plant despite its delicate appearance. It will bounce back from heat and drought and it does not require deadheading to stay attractive.