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Extend the Time You Can Store Lettuce and Other Greens

Whether they're in a salad or a sandwich, there is nothing like biting into crisp, fresh leafy greens. Not only can leafy veggies enhance delectable meals, but also most are teeming with wholesome nutrients necessary for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

lettuce harvest

It can be very frustrating when our lettuce and other leafy greens begin to wilt away in our refrigerators, forcing us to toss them out—meaning we wasted time in the garden or money at the market. Happily, with proper storage, they can last longer than you might expect.

Here are a few long-lasting storage tips:

• First, rid your lettuce of any wilting, damaged leaves. (Veggies release a natural gas called ethyene, which causes edible plants to ripen, or rot, faster. If your leafy greens are already beginning to waste, they will speed up the process for the surrounding plants.)
• Once any wilted leaves are removed, soak the rest in cold water, enough so that they float, for 20 minutes.
• Dry them with a salad spinner.
• Once they're dried off set the leaves on a cloth or paper towel. Roll it up with the leaves inside and place it in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. Or just put the veggies and a cloth in the bag, without rolling, and store in the refrigerator. Either way, the cloth/towel will help to absorb any leftover moisture that might cause the plants to wilt faster.

With correct storage, your leafy greens will stay fresher and last longer so you can enjoy them in more delicious and nutritious recipes.

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