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Watering Plants an Inch of Water

garden hose

If you planted trees or shrubs this fall, be sure to keep them watered until the ground freezes (if it does in your area), and continue to keep them watered through next spring and summer.

Q&A: Rain Barrels

Question: What can you tell me about rain barrels? I want to set one up but my wife is afraid it will become a breeding ground for mosquitos. Answer: Typically a rain barrel is set up to catch the water …

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Poll: Do You Put Your Hose Away?

Do you leave your hose out? Is there a correlation between people that put their hoses away and people that make their beds? I want to know. Click here to take survey

Dog days of summer

It’s a heat wave in the Ohio River valley! Temperatures this weekend were in the mid- to high 90s, and there’s no relief in sight. The dog days of summer have indeed begun. This past holiday weekend I confess to …

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