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Varieties of Thorn-Free Roses

Thornless Rose

Question: I am in love with roses, but not their thorns. I have seen thorn-free roses, but I don’t know their names. Can you suggest some good varieties? Fortunately, there are a number of roses that have smooth or nearly …

Odd-shaped Rose Bushes

I planted some rose bushes last spring and they’ve grown well, but with an odd shape. They each have one stem that’s much taller than the others, creating a weird shape. Can I cut it off?

Get More for Less Sale at GardenersHub

As you celebrate Memorial Day weekend, and hopefully spend ample time working in your garden and yard, be sure to also make some time to check out the new and expanded $14.99 and Under section at Horticulture’s official store, GardenersHub.com. …

A Rose By Any Other Name

I was double-checking some of the rose names, looking at the David Austin website. Of course I got completely distracted by all the beautiful varieties and ended up reading description after description and admiring all the images. Then I stumbled upon the cultivar Sweet Juliet.

Northern California: Roses for the Shore

Northern California BY MARY WILBUR /Trinidad, California, Zone 9 “Love thou the rose, yet leave it on its stem.”—Lord Lytton, The Wanderer, 1858 Roses have been on this earth since long before man, and as one might guess, they are …