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Summer Jewel Red (Salvia cocciena)

Virtues: We love Summer Jewel Red for its profuse brilliant-red blossoms that continuously bloom from spring through autumn. As the 2011 All America Selection Award Winner, the bright red flower spikes of Summer Jewel Red are covered with half inch …

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Growing ‘Minnesota Midget’ Cantaloupe

‘Minnesota Midget’ cantaloupe is a backyard gardener’s dream. These super-sweet, softball-size muskmelons grow on unusual three- to four-foot vines. You can even grow ‘Minnesota Midget’ in a container on your patio, because it is that well behaved. Each plant will …

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Granny’s Garden School | Loveland, Ohio

Roberta Paolo (aka Granny) harbors a love for gardening and believes that flowers are for picking. Many years ago, noticing her grand children’s fascination with the the plants in her garden, Roberta created a community garden at Loveland Elementary School …

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Cheap Containers for Small Spaces

The following is an excerpt from Small-Space Container Gardens by Fern Richardson (Timber Press, 2012). The book walks you through beautifying a small space, such as a balcony, porch, patio or small yard, even on a tight budget. Sometimes finding …

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Varieties of Thorn-Free Roses

Question: I am in love with roses, but not their thorns. I have seen thorn-free roses, but I don’t know their names. Can you suggest some good varieties? Fortunately, there are a number of roses that have smooth or nearly …

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Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ (blue star)

Virtues: This compact version of Blue Star is a superb introduction for any spring garden. Blue Ice displays blue-violet, star-shaped blossoms and a thick mound of deer-resistant foliage that gives credence to its hybrid origin. Once established in a garden, …

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How to Replant Your Florist’s Hydrangeas

Question: Can I plant a florist’s hydrangea outdoors after the blooms fade? Florist’s hydrangeas are native to the temperate, maritime climate of Japan, on the Pacific side of Honshu Island. While crown hardy to USDA Zone 6, florist’s hydrangeas cannot …

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Filigree daisy (Anthemis marschalliana)

Virtues: We love Filigree daisy for its drought-tolerance and long-stemmed blooms. This hardy perennial is a perfect choice for xeriscaping or for a dry border, and its well-branched filigree foliage and profuse golden blooms will shine in any garden.

Sneaking Edibles in Among the Ornamentals

Edibles are a perfect solution for adding ground coverage to your garden. Follow the tips in the passage below (excerpted from Little House in the Suburbs by Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin, published by Betterway Home, 2012) to integrate edibles …

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