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Growing the Golden Barrel Cactus

golden barrel cactus

Virtues: We love golden barrel cacti for their plump, rounded form textured with sharp ribs that bear bright, yellow spines. These globular plants bloom in summer with vibrant yellow flowers.

‘Northwind’ Switchgrass


Virtues: We love ‘Northwind’ switchgrass SO much it has made our list for a second time. It has a great fall and winter interest thanks to its bright off-season foliage and fluffy seed heads. It is tall and narrow, perfect as …

Book Review: Bloomin’ Tales

Bloomin' Tales

Bloomin’ Tales: Seven Favorite Wildflower Legends by Cherie Foster Colburn Illustrations by Joy Fisher Hein 65 pages Bright Sky Press, 2012 List price: $9.95 Legends seem to have a universal appeal to children, even when deep down they may know …