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Don Shadow

Shadow is known around the world as one of the most connected of plantsmen and as the most active acquirer of unusual plants. The letters strewn across his desk come from across town and around the globe. People write with pictures of possible introductions.“Send cuttings, send seed,” he responds. They write for advice on what to do with a new plant that’s been discovered in some remote swamp or hollow. “Send cuttings, send seed,” he responds. They write looking for the rarest of the rare and the oddest of the odd. “I’ve got cuttings, I’ve got seed,” he responds…

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Gardening with Enkianthus Shrubs

Enkianthus are shrubs that flower in the spring, covering themselves with delicate bell-shaped dangling blooms. They also offer vivid fall foliage color.  This article describes good enkianthus species and how to grow them.

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