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Dried Herbs from the Garden

Store Dried Herbs in a Jar

Follow these simple instructions from Little House in the Suburbs by Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskins  for drying, grinding and storing fresh herbs from the garden.

Boxwood Basil

Virtues: A compact, neat-as-a-pin habit and tiny leaves make this basil resemble a boxwood. A highly ornamental herb with great fragrance and flavor. Cute in a pot or planted as a very low hedge around vegetable or flower beds. Use …

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Pineapple Mint

Virtues: This is a highly ornamental, fragrant, useful herb, all owing to its green-and-cream variegated leaves. A great choice for gardeners looking to combine the ornamental and edible gardens into one. Deer resistant; attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

A Plant that Deters Deer

This tip was offered by a guest at our Smart Gardening Workshop on “Deer-Resistant Gardening”. See what plant you might try as a way to ward off deer.

Natural Value

The scene is an herb and wild garden planted in a dry stone terrace that hugs two sides of our house. It measures about 1,600 square feet—less than a twentieth of an acre. Before we made this garden, the area was a lawn—a brown lawn, for this hot, south-facing terrace lies on sterile soil that in some places barely covers the granite ledge below. And in most seasons, there were no birds.

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