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Berries for Birds

Planting berrying shrubs or trees is the quickest way to increase the value of one’s property to wildlife. The natural habitat of the groups suggested here is for the most part open, sunny borders such as along a fence; some …

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Natural Value

The scene is an herb and wild garden planted in a dry stone terrace that hugs two sides of our house. It measures about 1,600 square feet—less than a twentieth of an acre. Before we made this garden, the area was a lawn—a brown lawn, for this hot, south-facing terrace lies on sterile soil that in some places barely covers the granite ledge below. And in most seasons, there were no birds.

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Planting a Hedgerow Habitat

You can eat your way along the roadsides of Vinalhaven, Maine, all through the summer and, if you are a bird, gorge during fall migration and snack through the winter as well. Blueberry follows Juneberry, and fruiting continues through raspberry, …

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