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Growing Dessert

We love black sapote (Diospyros nigra) because how can you not love a plant that fits in a tiny space, is at home in a container and produces a healthy fruit that tastes like chocolate? The fruit is low in …

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Book Review: Backyard Foraging

Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat by Ellen Zachos 240 pages, softcover Storey Publishing, 2013 List price: $16.95 I’ve read several books on edible plants and I thought I at least knew what was edible …

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Growing Blueberries

Ripening blueberry plant

With the growth in edible gardening, blueberries and other fruits have become increasingly popular in gardens. I received a gift of a blueberry bush (Vaccinium chippewa) from my brother Jon for my birthday last month. Knowing that birds like to …

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Growing ‘Minnesota Midget’ Cantaloupe

‘Minnesota Midget’ cantaloupe is a backyard gardener’s dream. These super-sweet, softball-size muskmelons grow on unusual three- to four-foot vines. You can even grow ‘Minnesota Midget’ in a container on your patio, because it is that well behaved. Each plant will …

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Book Review: Eat Your Roses

Eat Your Roses

Eat Your Roses …Pansies, Lavender and 49 other Delicious Edible Flowers by Denise Schreiber 104 pages St. Lynn’s Press, 2011 List price: $17.95 Sure, you probably knew that dandelions and nasturtium flowers were edible, but did you know that there …

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Boxwood Basil

Virtues: A compact, neat-as-a-pin habit and tiny leaves make this basil resemble a boxwood. A highly ornamental herb with great fragrance and flavor. Cute in a pot or planted as a very low hedge around vegetable or flower beds. Use …

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