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Planting Around Rocks

If you have a group of rocks as a landscape feature in your yard, you can show it off with appropriate plantings. Here are some ideas for what to plant, plus tips for planting near the rocks.

Growing Blueberries

To grow your own crop of blueberries, all it takes is an acid soil rich in organic matter, a sunny spot, and one or two inches of water a week during the growing season.

Holding the Line

Living in a clearing in the woods for 12 years gave me an enormous appreciation for nature’s tenacity. If I skipped even one year of keeping down woody scrub, small trees, rough grasses, and greenbrier as tough as nylon cord, they came creeping back into my two-acre meadow-the vanguard of a wholesale takeover that would soon return the meadow to oak, poplar, beech, hornbeam, and black birch forest. . . .

Fall Cleanup

Nature saves her biggest show for last. Late in the year, the world seems to take a deep, cold breath and hold it. In the stillness of glittery October sunlight, the trees and shrubs flame. A walk down a country lane becomes an awe-inspiring extravaganza of color. And then . . . wham! All those beautiful leaves fall off and cover your lawn and gardens with a mess. . . .