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Magnolia sieboldii

The four species that belong to the section Oyama of the genus MagnoliaM. sieboldii, M. globosa, M. wilsonii, and M. sinensis–share a set of traits that makes them easy to recognize (if not to distinguish from one another). All are relatively small-growing deciduous trees native eastern Asia that bear white, rounded, nodding or pendent flowers, opening from egg-shaped buds in late spring or early summer after the foliage has appeared…

Propagating by Root Cuttings

Although the primary function of a plant’s roots is to take up moisture and nutrients and to anchor the plant in the soil, roots also have adventitious buds on their surface that, under the right conditions, can give rise to new plants. Here are the steps to follow and some appropriate perennials.

Oriental Poppies

While there’s no such thing as an ugly Oriental poppy flower, there are wide differences in height and habit among the various cultivars, not to mention color, which ranges from the familiar scarlets and vermilions to orange, pink, salmon, white, and even a rather liverish purple.

Christmas Fern

With its deep green, undivided pinnae (a pinna is the primary division or "leaflet" of a frond), Christmas fern falls toward the bold end of the fern spectrum . . .