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Call of the Wild

After seven Job-like years of gardening, a group of tried-and-true plants remained steadfast through deluge, drought, wind, hail, record-breaking heat, and subzero winters. These became signature plants of the garden—I planted more, eager for dependable beauty. . . .

Call of the Wild

In our July/August 2004 issue, contributing editor Lauren Springer describes the challenges she faced when gardening in the foothills west of Fort Collins, Colorado, and lists the plants she came to find success with. Here, we bring you Springer’s expanded plant lists — those listed in the magazine, as well as a number of additional choices. . . .

Interior West: Berry Fest

When it comes to most aspects of gardening I have endless patience. Waiting seven years for peony seedlings to bloom is perfectly acceptable. But the vegetable patch is another story. So what was once the lettuce and bean area is now overrun with several dozen strawberry plants.