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The Catalog Conundrum

Adventures of a Landless Gardener: The Catalog Conundrum Is something missing from your afternoons as of late? Do you have the sensation that something should be arriving, but you just can’t figure out what it is? Do you feel the …

Death to Honeysuckle

Amur honeysuckle, AKA Lonicera maackii. Oh how I loathe this invasive plant. This tall, arching shrub leafs out earlier than most and then hangs onto its leaves well into the fall and early winter. As a result, spring ephemerals and other natives and desirable non-natives are shaded out.

Spreading the Love

Adventures of a Landless Gardener: Have Garden Tools, Will Travel. Let’s be honest—there are only so many garden books and magazines one can read and only so many “one day” and “if I win the lottery” gardens one can sketch …

Green Wednesday

Adventures of a Landless Gardener: Wednesdays Leave Me Feeling a Bit Green I wish I could say Wednesday is my day to dig in the soil and tend the gardens. Unfortunately, Wednesdays leave me a bit green with envy. I …

Gardens in Stone

Gardens inspire artists in all media. From wallpaper to ceramic tiles, from fabrics to oil paintings, gardens and plants are everywhere—including stone work. It is the garden depicted in stone that I am most drawn to.