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The Horticulture community summer intern.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Busy Schedules

My summer has been filled with sand volleyball games, pool time and lots of gardening (thanks to the Horticulture internship). But, as we know, all good things come to an end. With fall fast approaching, I have already scheduled my …

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Posting Events to the Calendar

Hi all, Grace here. I am really excited with the re-launch of our new website, because it is super user-friendly and we have a lot of new features to use! One of these new features is the Events Calendar. …

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Microwave Bread and Butter Pickles

A “very easy pickle recipe” from reader Jeanne Marsh in Hanover, PA. Enjoy! Microwave Bread and Butter Pickles 1 or 2 cucumbers (3 cups sliced) ¾ c Sliced onion 1 c sugar (Jeanne uses ¾ c) ½ c white vinegar …

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Week…6ish Gardening for Dummies

As you can see from the picture, my plants have grown a little (and multiplied!) since you’ve last seen them (but I’m sure that’s no surprise for you gardeners). I have added a few more pots and some seed starters …

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Upcoming Issue of Horticulture

In the magazine world, our schedule is a little different than the real world. Right now, it’s Christmas in July over at the Horticulture magazine offices and we are working on the December/January DOUBLE issue! We are in the midst …

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Week 3 Gardening for Dummies

Well, about three weeks in my Gardening for Dummies escapades and I’ve already had a slight setback. Apparently, I was too eager and thought that I could ensure growth by burrowing the seeds down as far as possible in my soil pellets (and …

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Gardening for Dummies

As many of you may have already seen on our Horticulture Facebook page, I started my own project here at the office. I’ve been growing my own personal garden right at my desk. A gift from my supportive parents, they …

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The F+W Media summer interns

Here at F+W Media in Cincinnati, we’ve got a whole “bunch” of interns working in different communities just like me! As I reside in the Horticulture community, other interns are busy working in genealogy, writing, sales, marketing, art, photography and …

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