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Three Kinds of Redtwig Dogwoods

At least three dogwood species are often called redtwig dogwood, and there are many cultivars within those species, some more desirable than others. All three species are grown primarily for their colorful stems, though some also have variegated foliage. Their …

Q&A: Why Isn

Several years ago, I was struck by the beauty of some redtwig dogwoods and made a point of buying the same variety. They are healthy but much taller than the ones I saw, and they’ve never looked as colorful. Do they need special care?—MB, Minneapolis, Minn.

Q&A: Are Grow Lights Necessary?

I grew a small vegetable garden last year with reasonable success. This year I want to start my plants indoors, to get a jump-start on the season. Do I really need grow lights or is the light from a western window sufficient?—MS, Smithfield, R.I.

Christmas Cactus Care

I have just purchased a hot pink Christmas cactus. What should I do throughout next year to ensure that it blooms again in time for next Christmas?—AW, Pearisburg, Va.